b. 1994, Surrey, UK.

Francesca Apicella is a self-taught artist living in West Sussex, UK.

Inspired by vintage glamour, she uses classic painting techniques to create portraiture, with symbolic, geometric and natural elements.

Her work tends towards mixed media paintings, composed of both oil and acrylic, among others.

Ultra smooth wooden and metal panels are the chosen "canvas" for these art pieces, adding to the mystical, humanesque-like quality of the finished portrait. With the final piece uninterrupted by brush strokes and texture, this allows the artist to add minute details and a surreal-like finish that would have otherwise been unachievable.

Francesca has a background in 3D animation and studied Software Development for Animation, Games and Effects at the NCCA at Bournemouth University. This technical background has inspired some of the more mathematical and algorithmic elements of her work, whilst simultaneously incorporating classic portraiture techniques.

To see more of her work, please follow her on social media: Facebook, Instagram & TikTok.

Francesca Apicella West Sussex portrait artist and painter

Upcoming Events 

2022 HORSHAM CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR,  Horsham - Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd October.
Please click here for more information. 


2022 ROFFEY PARK INSTITUTE, Horsham - Horsham Artists Exhibition

2022 RYEBANK GALLERY, Rye - Open Call Exhibition 

2022 PIER ROAD COFFEE & ART, Littlehampton - March Art 

2022 CONCLAVE BRIGHTON, Brighton & Hove - Suite 16 

2022 PIER ROAD COFFEE & ART, Littlehampton - January Blues


2021 HOLY ART, London - The Art of Self-Regulation 

Art Fairs 

2022 HORSHAM ARTISTS CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR, Horsham - Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd October (forthcoming)


2022 ART ETCETERA MAGAZINE - Sixth Edition, Women In Art (cover)

2022 ZANNA MAGAZINE  - Issue Eleven

2022 THE SURVIVOR ZINE  -  Issue 2, Safety & Healing

2021 NO NAME COLLECTIVE GALLERY - November Selection December Issue 

2021 ALL ABOUT HORSHAM MAGAZINE  - Interview and work/studio tour. Please click here to read the article. 

Competitions & Awards 

2022 PIER ROAD COFFEE & ART, Littlehampton  - January Blues -  Open Art Public Vote Winner 

2021 NO NAME COLLECTIVE GALLERY - Semi-finalist for the November Challenge 

2021 THE DANDY ARTHOUSE - March Madness Winner

Francesca is a member of Horsham Artists

Francesca's Art Journey

Francesca was inspired to practice art after a long battle with chronic illness. 

She was left completely bed bound for 5 years and had to rely on others for everything. After various treatments failed she turned to alternative therapies. One alternative medical practitioner advised her to return to one of her earliest passions, art. What started as an uphill battle due to such severe allergies that required Francesca to paint wearing both a mask and gloves, turned into a beautiful escape into a world that was completely her own. Her first piece "Philautia", from the Greek meaning self-love, started off this adventure. The idea that physically creating something beautiful would help her appreciate being trapped in a body that didn't work properly. It was this piece that cemented the revelation that Francesca wanted to practice art professionally. Each piece is a mirror of her journey, from "Serpentina", inspired from the ideas about progression and change, to "Aeonia", inspired by the ageless themes of infinite time and total freedom.