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Francesca Apicella is a contemporary British artist, known for her surreal portraits with glamourous, geometric and oftentimes gothic elements.

Featuring the addition of lace and geometric shapes, the finished pieces have a certain humanesque quality and avant-garde finish. Such pieces include "Philautia" from the greek meaning self-love, and "Serpentina" from ideas about progression and change. She often exhibits her work around the South Coast, including Brighton.

She hand paints every part of her work, mainly using oils and acrylics on wooden and aluminium panels.

To find out more please visit the "About" page.

To see more of her work, please follow her on social media: Facebook, Instagram & TikTok.

"While a celebration of all things feminine is prevalent, there is also an intimate piece of myself in every piece of art I create"
- Francesca Apicella